Immobilizer: Eeprom / MCU | Advanced

Different types of advanced programming of keys in the brands BMW, Mercedes and VAG Group. Basic concepts of adaptation of modules, such as ECU and ELV.

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· General Concepts of Immo 4/5- MQB for VAG Group
· Basic concepts of recognition of: Pin Code, Security Component Password, Make Dealer Key, Key/Remote Programming.
· Module coding: ECU | ELV
· Obtaining knowledge about the operation of the Immobilizer Systems
· Know the components that make up an Immobilizer System.
· Know the different types of Immobilizer Systems of the most common brands.
· Transponders operation.
· Recognize the types of transponders.
· Operation of the Eeprom / MCU.
· Types of Eeprom / MCU.
· Flahs Memory Operation.
· What is a DUMP?





1. Immobilizer System operation.
• Components of the Immobilizer System.
•Types of systems in the most common brands:
– Ford.
– Toyota.
– Chevrolet.
– Nissan.
– Honda.
– Jeep.
– VAG Group (Audi, Seat, Volkswagen, Skoda).
– BMW.
– Mercedes Benz.

2. Transponders.
• Transpoders types.
• Transponders evolution.
• Identification of typical faults in antenna, transponder
or immobilizer.
• Identification of EEPROM / MCU.
• Types of eeprom / MCU.
• Operation of various machines.

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